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Discover the Nijmegen of 1944/1945

The best way to learn is by experiencing it yourself!  

The ‘Discover the Nijmegen of 1944/1945’ programme (2 hours long) introduces school groups to the exact events that took place in Nijmegen during World War II. By experiencing and seeing the situation for themselves, pupils learn more about their own surroundings. Activities take place both inside and outside the Infocentre WW2 Nijmegen.

This programme’s main themes are the bombing of Nijmegen, the period when Nijmegen was a front-line city and the evacuation. Pupils are encouraged to imagine what it was like living in those times.

Your programme:

  • An introduction by our coaches and viewing of our ‘Experience’.
  • In two groups (the groups switch after 45 mins): An interactive walk about the bombing of Nijmegen on 22 February 1944, along sites such as the Mariënburg Chapel, the swing monument (De Schommel) and the town hall. An interactive programme in the Infocentre WW2 during which pupils play ‘The Mystery’ game and learn more about the topic of evacuation.
  • Closing session with our coaches in the Infocentre WW2 Nijmegen.

* At least 10 and no more than 30 pupils per educational programme.
** Prices include entrance fee, 2 accompanying coaches, fluorescent vests and, if necessary, rainwear.
*** To ensure the programme runs smoothly, at least 2 supervisors/teachers/parents must be present for support. They will also be required to pay a fee of €2.50 per person. Additional supervisors can visit the centre for free.
**** This programme includes the use of the education room in the Infocentre WW2. 

€ 5.00 p.p.* (min. 10 and max. 30 pupils per educational programme)