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The Infocentre WW2 Nijmegen functions as the starting point for remembrance tourism in the Nijmegen area. The centre offers an introduction to what exactly took place in Nijmegen and its surroundings during the Second World War, and refers to other relevant organisations, museums, monuments, heritage sites and audio spots.

A visit to the Infocentre WW2 Nijmegen is a perfect addition to history lessons for schools, and a way for pupils and students to discover and experience the regional history of Nijmegen. This can be done using an interactive map of the region, our Experience about the events in Nijmegen during the war, the interactive experience ‘The Mystery’ and a hologram display containing 3D models of objects from World War Two. The Infocentre also regularly organises (educational) lectures and offers educational programmes, which can be booked by schools. The Infocentre is also ideally suited as a starting point for a historical city walk. 

The Infocentre WW2 also refers to lesson plans and teaching materials about the local, regional and provincial impact of World War Two. These teaching materials are freely accessible and were created by WW2 organisations and governmental institutions that are active in the city of Nijmegen. We also offer tips and information for presentations and papers on the Second World War on our website.