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The city of Nijmegen

In the city of Nijmegen, organisations and governments work together on the preservation and accessibility of WW2 heritage. Below you can check out what the region has to offer.  

Interactive map
Visit the Infocentre WW2 for an interactive map of the city of Nijmegen. This will provide you with a selection of the large offer of WW2 sights in the region.

Liberation Route Europe
The Liberation Route Europe is a vast remembrance trail commemorating the history of the liberation in Europe.

Audio Spots
The audio spots are an initiative of the Liberation Route Europe. They are placed on special historical spots that tell an authentic story form the period of the Second World War. In the area of Nijmegen you can find several of these audio spot in the most interesting places. 

Netwerk Oorlogsbronnen
Netwerk Oorlogsbronnen is an initiative of the research institute NIOD and makes Dutch sources from the Second World War digitally available. Several organisations within Nijmegen contribute to this project. 

Historical Atlas
With the historical atlas, old map material can be place over a present-day map of Nijmegen. The atlas has a special map about the Second World War that illustrates the devastation during the war. Take a look at the map here

The city of Nijmegen has a lot to offer in terms of museums about the Second World War and museums that have temporary exhibitions about that period in history. Below is an overview of these museums.

•    Freedom Museum
•    Museum het Valkhof 
•    De Bastei
•    Museum Kasteel Wijchen 
•    Van 't Lindenhout Museum 
•    Jac Maris Museum 
•    Airborne Museum Hartenstein 
•    Airborne at the Bridge 
•    Betuws Oorlogsmuseum The Island 
•    Infocentre WW2 Nijmegen

There are dozens of monuments in the city of Nijmegen that commemorate the Second World War. Here you can find an overview of all these monuments and loaded heritage spots. 

In the area of Nijmegen there are more than 12.000 allied soldiers buried on different honorary cemeteries. Below is an overview of all the different cemeteries. 

•  Erebegraafplaats Jonkerbos 
•  Canadese Erebegraafplaats 
•  Gemenebest Begraafplaats Reichswald 
•  Oorlogsbegraafplaats Mook

Walking and cycling routes
The city of Nijmegen is a popular area for walking and cycling. A large number of routes pass the different WW2 heritage spots. The offer of walking and cycling routes can be found below.

Regional calendar
There are a multitude of activities, events, and memorials that are linked to the Second World War in the city of Nijmegen. You can find all the activities in the city of Nijmegen in the regional calendar.