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At the Infocentre

The Infocentre WW2 is a historic, touristic, and educational information point. It aims to provide visitors of Nijmegen and its surrounding the best introduction to the stories, heritage, events, and museums linked to the Second World War in the area. You start your visit with a vivid experience that will give you a better understanding of what consequences WW2 had for Nijmegen and its surroundings. Moreover, visitors to the Infocentre WW2 will learn how the history is kept alive at different historical locations in the city. The centre also functions as a starting point of historical city walks, package deals, and educational programmes.

The experience wall
On a large interactive wall you can get an impression of what you can see, do, and experience in Nijmegen in connection to WW2. Examples are audio stones, monuments, museums, and more. Learn something about great historical events and discover the region. 

The Experience
In the experience you are taken through the WW2 history of Nijmegen with historical images. Here you can experience how the war touches us all. The experience takes approximately 10 minutes. There are 24 seats and 2 additional wheelchair spots.

The Mystery
The battle of Nijmegen has started. The members of the Van Noordenburg family have lost sight of each other. Son Jan is in a bomb shelter and asks you for your help to find his family. Step into the true story of the Van Noordenburg family. In this mystery you look for clues and learn about the history of Nijmegen and the surrounding area during Market Garden. Can you help Jan find his family? Suitable for visitors from +- 9 years and older.

Hologram display case
Our hologram display case is unique in Nijmegen. In it, masterpieces about the Second World War from various regional museums and archives are projected in 3D. Think of a pram used during the evacuation of the Betuwe and a molten wine glass from the shop window of the V&D that reminds us of the bombing of 22 February 1944. Where new technology and history meet.

City under Siege
Curious to see what famous spots in Nijmegen looked like in the 40’s? You can see how these places were touched by the war in a collage.

Information column
Did the experience wall and the experience pique your interest? At the information point you can find out more and get a complete overview of events, museums, monuments, heritage spots, and audio stones. Use the information column to map out your own route to discover the rich history of WW2 in the region. 

In our shop you can find a diverse range of things. Everything from literature about WW2 to special souvenirs and presents. For more information you can visit our page about the shop

Education room
The Infocentre WW2 has an education room that can be used to prepare or discuss exercises with a group. The use of this room for one hour costs €50. The space holds room for a maximum of 20 to 25 students. Are you visiting the Infocentre WW2 with an educational programme? Then the price for the use of the room is included. For more information or reservations you can contact our division for group reservations through

Theatre and film room
Are you visiting the Infocentre WW2 with a group of 50 to 150 people, and do you wish to create a special programme with, for instance, an introduction, reading, and/or (introductory) movie? Please contact us through